The Fiat 500 Murcielago: A marriage made in hell


Sometimes, in life, there are certain things that are not made to go together. For instance, steak and ketchup, cognac and coke, and now Fiat and Lamborghini. The people over at Oemmedi Meccanica got way too close to the ether cans one day and decided to strap a Fiat 500 to the back of a Lamborghini V12 6.2L engine. The resultant Fiat 500 Murcielago is something only seen in horror movies

Many times in car modifications, there are some “minor” adjustments that need to be made especially when installing engines into platforms that weren’t originally made to accept the transplant. In this case, the Fiat 500 Murcielago was built from the ground up in order to accommodate the massive Lamborghini V12 power plant. The 6.2L 580HP motor looks positively horrific when packed into the small Fiat 500 frame although the Oemmedi people are no stranger to these medieval tactics having done the same to another poor, tortured Fiat frame and a Porsche boxer motor, somewhat of a less painful surgical procedure I’m told. Even the chaps over at Top Gear in the UK thought this was all a bit of a silly idea and decided not to touch it with a 10 foot barge pole. High condemnation indeed.

The Fiat 500 Murcielago (I’ve called it that because no-one, not even the people over at Oemmedi, thought enough to give this car a name) first emerged from behind the stage curtain at the 2012 Bologna Auto Show. It is certainly no surprise that it was left to an Italian Car Show to participate in this obscene venture as only the deranged mind of the Italian automobile public could possibly wrap their head around this project without being led away by the men in the white coats. Apparently, there are no performance figures available and that usually happens for one of two reasons. Either the manufacturer wants to protect the statistical story from being told through fear of a possibly poor performance “in front of the cameras” or, that no car reviewer wants to drive the darned thing. It’s my guess that the letter is the case here.

My guess is that with close to six hundred horses all hammering under the hood to get out of a vehicle that weighs only 1,110 lbs, the reviewers had it correct in wanting to stay away from this little torture chamber. Even the presence of the extended wheel wells and the movable spoiler in the back doesn’t excite me at all. Whether they will sell any of these contraptions is up for speculation as I would surmise that they will only be built to order.

I can think of thousands of combinations I’d love to see put together and driven on the road today. Unfortunately, this Fiat 500 Murcielago, or whatever you choose to call it, just isn’t one of them.

It’s a marriage made in hell.

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