The 1968 Camaro Baby!

This is one of my favorite pony cars to ever live - yeah, live... More ยป


The Battle for the title of “Fastest Car in The World”

We’re always driven towards the drama that surrounds the fight to establish the biggest, longest, strongest and fastest. Usually, these dramatic contests are reserved for the area of team or individual sports

The 2013 Tesla Model S: Affordable or not?

When Tesla owner Eon Musk suggested a few years back that electric cars would become affordable for all American car owners, I doubt that there were many believers in a society littered

ZipCar: When you absolutely don’t need to own a car

Car rental revenue provides a massive amount of revenue in the automotive world and is hugely competitive between global brands generating billions in profits. New car sales is even bigger obviously and

Automotive Brand Ownership: Who owns whom?

Something that’s been bothering me for some time now is that when we discuss the merits or disadvantages of owning a certain make or model of car, do we really know who

The Rolls-Royce Wraith: Perfection at a price

There are three things in life that we can give huge credit to the English for in my view. Afternoon tea, fish and chips, James Bond and Rolls-Royce. I would be lying

The 2014 Jaguar F-Type: Just as fast as the XK-120

On my list of favorite things to do at any motor show these days is to get a look at the luxury import exhibits on display. This past month, I was at

The P45: The World’s Smallest Car..or is it?

Whenever I’m looking for startlingly original ideas to fill your world with, I can always rely on the boys from “Top Gear” to provide me with a wealth of brilliant material. This

The Daytona 500: Can Danica Patrick win The Great American Race

Most sports that I know of that have a single season-defining event usually allow the participants to become accustomed to the new season schedule and consequently hold the “major” occasion either in

The 2013 Chicago Auto Show: Where did all the Concept Cars go?

As a committed car enthusiast, I’m always excited to get a chance to visit one of the automotive shows and living in Chicago, the 2013 Chicago Auto Show was a must see

The Presidential Limousine: Obama’s Beast

When someone asks you what the top of the line Cadillac might be, like myself I’d probably say the ATS. We’d both be wrong. The top Cadillac in the country is the