My Dream Job: The Dubai Police Dept

dubai police dept

There used to be a time when Police Depts around the world ventured into the world of “fast” cars by souping up a regular, bog-standard Chevrolet or Ford Sedan with a big V8 engine to provide some extra “ponies” to chase the bad guys. Obviously, those days seem to be over especially for the Dubai Police Dept who just recently added yet another luxury Supercar to its already bulging fleet of exotic chase vehicles.

I doubt that there is a public service department anywhere in the world making as much news over the past few months as those lovable cops out in Dubai. Almost every week we have been treated to announcements about another addition to the “stable” of vehicles currently wallowing in the police pond. Currently, and this is unverified, the Dubai Police Dept has in its possession the following vehicles:

(1) Aston Martin One 77
(2) Ferrari 458
(1) Bugatti Veyron
(1) Lamborghini Aventador
(1) Bentley Continental GT
(1) Mercedes SLS AMG
(1) Chevrolet Camaro SS

Quite a lineup although it seems that the acquisition of the Bugatti Veyron might be a hoax as a fake photo of the car was found on a dubious Twitter account in the last few days. The cars are typically used around tourist areas close to the Burj Khalifa. The speed limit is 75mph but there are strict laws regarding “distracted driving” which I find ironic to say the least. I’d be seriously distracted if I was getting the finger to pull over from an Aston Martin squad car. The Ferraris seem to be the domain of the female cops in the “pimped out super-fleet” as described by local news organizations and the Lamborghini is used strictly in town.

There’s no doubt that this attitude adopted in Dubai is designed to emphasise the “bling, bling” nature of the lifestyle and society out there. It does appear that the actual Police Officers themselves take the issue of law enforcement very seriously and believe that these cars help the force control traffic on Dubai’s roads. It is unfortunate however that the Western countries that build these cars don’t see it the same way and view this venture as no more than a hugely expensive publicity stunt.

Some of the fleet has been “acquired” from convicted drug dealers but in the case of the Aston martin, the car was purchased from Police Department funds – all $1.6m of it. It’s easy to see why in the West, it’s become more of a celebrity story than news about improving law enforcement equipment. One thing is for sure is that applications to join the Dubai Police Force have quadrupled in the past several months for quite obvious reasons.

I can only hope that my application is one of the first that the recruiters look at. I shall be waiting by the phone.

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