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The Air-Fueled Hybrid courtesy of Peugeot-Citroen

In the ever increasing intensity to produce the most fuel efficient car on the planet, it is energetically inspiring to learn that a French (excuse me while I clear my throat) carmaker,

The Fiat 500 Murcielago: A marriage made in hell

Sometimes, in life, there are certain things that are not made to go together. For instance, steak and ketchup, cognac and coke, and now Fiat and Lamborghini. The people over at Oemmedi

The Battle for the title of “Fastest Car in The World”

We’re always driven towards the drama that surrounds the fight to establish the biggest, longest, strongest and fastest. Usually, these dramatic contests are reserved for the area of team or individual sports

The P45: The World’s Smallest Car..or is it?

Whenever I’m looking for startlingly original ideas to fill your world with, I can always rely on the boys from “Top Gear” to provide me with a wealth of brilliant material. This

The Presidential Limousine: Obama’s Beast

When someone asks you what the top of the line Cadillac might be, like myself I’d probably say the ATS. We’d both be wrong. The top Cadillac in the country is the