The 1968 Camaro Baby!

This is one of my favorite pony cars to ever live - yeah, live... More ยป


Jay Leno’s Garage: Gearhead Heaven

Having been a car enthusiast for most of my life and having worked in and out of the automotive business for over 15 years, you develop a talent for recognizing people who

Vehicle Hacking: As serious as a car crash

In this technology swamped world that we live in, it seems that we are faced with two definable extremes. The first is that our lives are constantly changing and improving due to

Driverless Vehicles: The Nightmare Begins

The news that Driverless Vehicles are to be road tested in the UK by the end of 2013 has caused a ton of excitement within the automotive world as admirers begin to

Elon Musk: Is he Steve Jobs, Tony Stark or John De Lorean?

Probably the most recognisable and notorious (for all the wrong reasons most likely) name in the automotive business currently is that of Elon Musk. The founder, owner, CEO and chief cook and

Matrix-Beam Headlights: Government at its worst

One of the things I love to moan and groan about is government interference in the areas of business and technology. Brought to light(no pun intended) over the last several months is

My Dream Job: The Dubai Police Dept

There used to be a time when Police Depts around the world ventured into the world of “fast” cars by souping up a regular, bog-standard Chevrolet or Ford Sedan with a big

The German Autobahn: Fast and Furious – Legally

For those of us fortunate to own an obscenely expensive “supercar”, there aren’t too many spots where you can jump in and “let your hair down” at the car’s top speed. If

TVR: A sad story that’s close to home

All the way back in 1958, yours truly was born in a hospital in Blackpool, England, a North-West Coast holiday resort and the rest is history, I’m deluded enough to think. Eleven

The Air-Fueled Hybrid courtesy of Peugeot-Citroen

In the ever increasing intensity to produce the most fuel efficient car on the planet, it is energetically inspiring to learn that a French (excuse me while I clear my throat) carmaker,

The Fiat 500 Murcielago: A marriage made in hell

Sometimes, in life, there are certain things that are not made to go together. For instance, steak and ketchup, cognac and coke, and now Fiat and Lamborghini. The people over at Oemmedi